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By Allie Cushnyr, Chair, Kern County Young Farmers & Ranchers

Allie Cushnyr
Allie Cushnyr, Chair, Kern County Young Farmers & Ranchers

Our February virtual ag trivia night was a success! 3 teams competed head to head to win 4, $25 gift cards to locally owned Temblor Brewing Company. They not only knew basic ag trivia, but also did great knowing the Kern County local facts. Some of the questions that teams were tasked to answer included: what was the number one crop in Kern in 1980 (Cotton), the name of our Kern County Ag Commissioner (Glenn Fankhauser), and what crop made the top 20 commodity list in Kern in 2019 but wasn’t on it in 2018 (Industrial Hemp). Congrats to Aaron Flores, Rachel Flores, Lindsey Mebane, and Chandler Wilson on their win. Everyone had a great time.

Similar to our February meeting, many meetings are currently finding themselves on platforms like Zoom or Teams, and this includes opportunities for DPR/CCA hours. Many of the people I personally work with in Kern County found themselves scrambling at the end of 2020 if it was their turn to renew licenses like PCA, QAL, QAC, etc. A resource I started building in August of 2020 was a monthly list of CE courses that are open to the public (preferably free, but not always) for your use. The feedback was great, and many found it to be a great way to have the key opportunities at their fingertips, with links or phone numbers to register for them. The Kern County Farm Bureau has been sharing it in their weekly emails, so if you have not seen it, be sure to scroll down and utilize it.

As far as many of us can tell, 2021 is starting out in a similar way in terms of virtual meetings, so I plan to continue providing the resource to anyone who may need it. The end of the year is going to be here before you know it, so grab some hours now, before you are running around for every CE opportunity you can. Plus, attend the meetings that you find most valuable to helping you and your operation succeed in 2021! If you want to jump onto my monthly email blast for CE hours, feel free to email me at OR just open up your weekly Kern County Farm Bureau email.

It’s a pleasure to help out my community and I love being a part of the Kern County Young Farmers & Ranchers. If you are interested in joining us at our next meeting, please reach out at the email provided below. We look forward to doing some distanced outdoor meetings in the coming months.

Email: Instagram: @kern_yfr

Facebook: KernYoungFarmersAndRanchers

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