Timothy Collins standing in his ag diesel mechanics class shop at the Regional Occupational Center. (Photo courtesy of Timothy Collins)

Timothy CollinsBy Timothy Collins, Chair, Kern County Young Farmers and Ranchers

I have been honored to chair the Kern County Young Farmers & Ranchers over the past two years, and I am both sad and excited for this time to come to an end. Sad because I have thoroughly enjoyed this time and it feels like it has gone by so quickly. But I am also excited to see new leadership take over, knowing the club will be in good hands. Although I will still be involved, I will not complain about having fewer responsibilities.

YF&R has continued to stay busy throughout the fall. Between our monthly meetings, we have been reaching out to the local ag programs by giving presentations to the Ag Club at Bakersfield College and an ag economics class at Cal State Bakersfield. YF&R provides a great learning, leadership, and community service opportunity for college agricultural students and we hope to have more of them involved. Perhaps a future chair of YF&R was among the students we spoke to.

I think back to my first YF&R meeting back in 2018 and I never would have imagined that three years later I would be elected chair. After spending the last two years as chair, I am following in the footsteps of many past YF&R chairs as I move up to the Farm Bureau as a director.

So many things in life are like this, including my job as an ag diesel mechanics teacher and even writing an article every month for this newspaper. Had one of my teachers told my high school self either of these things, I would never have believed them. But here I am, standing in my shop today at the Regional Occupational Center, waiting for the next class of high school students to come in. None of them are ready to become mechanics yet, but in a number of years, I am sure many of them will surpass my mechanical experience and make great careers wherever they are. So, who knows what the future will hold, but I know I will keep working at what I believe is good and right to see where the Lord leads me.

I certainly feel that YF&R has done more for me than I’ve been able to do for the organization. I have made great friendships and worked with an incredible executive team whose aptitude makes their Chair look good. I’ve learned much about the local ag industry and agriculture across the state. I have built leadership skills that will greatly help me in many other areas of life as I continue to build on them. All of this came from a friend inviting me to a group meeting I had never heard of before. I did not know what YF&R meant, but five years later, I could not be more thankful for what the group has meant to me.

Sometimes I still do not enjoy the writing, but I am always proud to have written an article each month representing what I believe to be an important, rewarding, and fun organization: The Kern County Young Farmers & Ranchers.

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