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Wonderful® Pistachios, The Original Plant-Based ProteinTM, launched a new multi-million dollar marketing campaign to further resonate with the growing number of people adding more plant-based protein to their diet. The campaign emphasizes that the best protein is grown on trees, not bred or developed in a lab.

Today’s savvy consumers have changed their perspective to reduce the amount of meat they consume, and it’s more than just a passing trend. A majority, 55%, say their change is permanent, according to HealthFocus data.

At the same time, Mintel data confirms 75% of people are adding more protein to their diet. To attract these protein-seeking shoppers, new retail display bins—hitting store floors early this year—will stand out at point of purchase, drawing attention to the plant-based origins of Wonderful Pistachios and offering a solution to those hungry for a plant-protein-powered snack.

“As more consumers make changes in their diet to eat less meat, but simultaneously crave more protein, Wonderful Pistachios represents the perfect snack because it’s a real, whole food containing six grams of plant-based protein per serving,” said Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing, The Wonderful Company. “When it comes to plant-based protein, you can’t beat the original, and our new campaign drives that message home.”

The new integrated campaign features print ads, social media, digital, public relations, emails, and Wonderful Pistachios retail bins featuring imagery of pistachio trees. The bins provide retailers a lift in sales and will propel the campaign
throughout 2020.

The brand will promote plant-based messages at events throughout the year, Wonderful Pistachios influencers will continue to share plant-based protein benefits with their followers, and Wonderful Pistachios will host a live virtual symposium dedicated to sharing the latest trends on plant-based protein with retailer partners, supermarket dieticians, and other nutrition experts.

These efforts continue the momentum from the Plant-Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium, which was hosted by Wonderful Pistachios in April 2019, and drew an exclusive audience of nutrition experts for an immersion into plant-based nutrition science, culinary applications, and leadership dialogue, while celebrating pistachios in a plant-based context.

The entire campaign will ensure consumers know Wonderful Pistachios is among the highest protein snack nuts, and, unlike meat, protein-powered pistachios are naturally cholesterol free and
offer fiber.

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