By Austin Snedden, Ranching Contributor, Valley Ag Voice

Cattlemans corner Austin Snedden
Austin Snedden

We have all been in that uncomfortable situation when you go to a fast food restaurant with someone who is extremely particular about their order. You know immediately after the complicated order that something will no doubt be wrong.

“Are you kidding me? I said no lettuce and only half ketchup! This burger has half lettuce and full ketchup.” Having the order re-done is embarrassing enough, but some go as far as demanding to speak to the manager and may even advocate for the firing of the employee. Interesting how some expect more from a minimum wage employee with one day of training than they do of an elected executive. If you are one of these people you are an “executive elitist.”

Here is how you can tell if you are an executive elitist: if you berate your yard guy for not raking under the trees but have no problem with Governor Newsom allowing one million acres of our State to burn every year. If you criticize your housekeeper for not speaking proper English but are perfectly okay with Joe Biden carving the English language into a pile of slurred fragments, you are an executive elitist. If you called a family restaurant irresponsible because they stayed open during COVID but were just fine with Gavin Newsom meeting with lobbyists at “The French Laundry” during COVID (yes that is the name of a fancy restaurant, not sure whether they use dirty socks as napkins or not, but never underestimate the gimmicky names that hipsters will come up with), you are an executive elitist. If you get upset with a grocery store employee because you found a brown banana but don’t get upset about Gavin Newsom letting hardened criminals out of jail, you are an executive elitist.

If you get upset that the dry cleaner used too much starch but aren’t upset that Gavin Newsom’s wrinkly California highways will knock the fillings out of your teeth (despite our exorbitant gas taxes), you are an executive elitist. If you think a gas station employee should be fired for accidentally overcharging you but think it perfectly acceptable for Gavin Newsom to give thirty billion dollars in COVID business relief money to prisoners, you are an executive elitist. If you yell at the pool guy for over filling the pool but have no problem with Gavin Newsom drying up farms in the Valley, you are an executive elitist. If you get upset that the waiter didn’t put enough ice in your iced tea but give Newsom a pass for growing unemployment by over six percent, you are an executive elitist.

There are people at every level that may deserve to get fired. Sometimes we may ask more from the people who get less than we do from the people that control the most. On September 14th we have an opportunity to fire Governor Newsom. If ever there was an example of an employee that controlled the most and offered the least, Gavin is it. In a State filled with natural resources and potential, his authoritarian style has crippled everything from industry to child education. If he were a fast food employee, he definitely got the order wrong. On September 14th, let’s tell Gavin to turn in his apron and hit the unemployment line, like so many constituents have done under his reign.

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