World Ag Expo
2023 World Ag Expo (Photo by Brian Milne)

By Brian Milne, Vice President, Director of Marketing & Communications, The Holloway Group

Holloway CEO Brian Maxted speaks during a soil health seminar held at World Ag. The presentation is one of more than 70 seminars available on demand at (Photo: The Holloway Group)

World Ag Expo is still eight months away, but attendees looking to learn more about soil health and other agriculture topics now have access to dozens of educational seminars on demand.

Holloway’s Soil Health Seminar on “Bringing Our Soils Back to Life” is one of more than 70 ag seminars now published on

Other sessions include presentations on dairy and livestock, international trade, agtech, and are being made available for free at

Holloway’s soil health seminar was hosted by Holloway CEO Brian Maxted and Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander, who discussed the importance of leveraging soil, plant, and water samples from independent, third-party labs for input recommendations.

“It all starts with what the soils are telling us,” Maxted said. “When someone comes to us and asks, ‘How much compost, or gypsum, or should I put this NPK on?’ We say, ‘Well, what are your soils saying?’ Science should dictate what your farm needs.”

Along with discussing the importance of soil, tissue and water sampling, the soil experts fielded questions from local growers and discussed the many soil challenges brought about by excessive rainfall this past winter, including:

• Ponding

• Water penetration problems

• Disease

• Other excess water issues

Viewers can watch the full Soil Health Seminar directly at

To access the full library of World Ag seminar videos, viewers will need to sign up for or log in to their “My Show Account” at

Along with the seminars, two World Ag-hosted events are also available online: the Prayer Breakfast and the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture 2023 Farm Bill Listening Session. 

Learn more about all of the World Ag Expo videos on demand at

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