bioenergy field and electricity tower
photo: Shutterstock

Join Mt. Poso Cogeneration, DTE, MacPherson, & Independence High School on October 23rd in recognition of the Seventh Annual Bioenergy Day.

Mt. Poso Cogeneration will be marking the occasion, along with dozens of other groups across the country, by hosting a lunch at Independence High School.

“Bioenergy” refers to the generation of electricity and heat from wood and other organic materials. In addition to serving as a domestic energy source, these industries work closely together to keep American forests healthy, support forest product markets and put organic byproducts like forest trimmings, industry byproducts and agricultural residuals to good use. Bioenergy is a sustainable, renewable, and carbon-friendly energy source:

The organic materials used to produce heat and electricity at a biomass facility often have no other use. If not used to produce bioenergy, these materials might be open burned, which releases methane into the air. Or, they might be left on a forest floor to decompose – a process that also releases methane and can contribute to catastrophic forest fires.

The use of organic materials to produce energy does not introduce new carbon into the atmosphere, unlike the use of fossil fuels for energy. 

Bioenergy is a key part of sustainably managed forests and farms. It is necessary to remove organic residues and non-merchantable wood in order to keep a forest healthy and growing. Rather than discarding or open burning the removed wood products, bioenergy provides a good, productive use for them. We hope you will be able to join us on October 23 to learn more about bioenergy.  You can register for the event by emailing

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