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Planting the Seeds of Success

By Nutrien Ag Solutions


Are you a farmer in the Southwest, particularly in California and Arizona, looking for top-quality silage options? Look no further than Nutrien Ag Solutions. We offer a range of corn hybrid options from leading seed brands designed to meet your specific needs and optimize your agricultural productivity.

Our proprietary Dyna-Gro® Seed portfolio contains corn hybrids that our Nutrien Ag Solutions branches have tested, trialed, and sold and come with a full background of experience.

D58VC90: Ideal for silage purposes, this hybrid boasts excellent plant health late in the season, with good husk cover and stalks. Its medium-tall plant type and ear height make it a reliable choice, and it exhibits good tolerance for head smut.

D57VC75: This dual-purpose hybrid is a true powerhouse, delivering exceptional forage tonnage or grain yield. With excellent stay green and late-season intactness, it minimizes greensnap risk. Its tall hybrid structure, coupled with a semi-determinate ear type, makes it an excellent choice for silage production in the West.

D58SS65: Looking for a hybrid that adapts well across various regions, from east to west and down south? D58SS65 offers exceptional stalks and roots, along with impressive tolerance for northern leaf blight, southern leaf blight, Goss’s wilt, and gray leaf spot. With good stress and heat tolerance, it is a versatile hybrid suited for both grain and silage purposes.

D57VC51: This full-season VT Double Pro® hybrid is characterized by its high yield and tropical background. With medium plant height and a full canopy, it performs well in both dryland and irrigated conditions. It exhibits very good stalk and root strength, late-season stay-green, intactness, and excellent plant health.


Nutrien Ag Solutions is more than just a provider of high-quality hybrid seeds. We are the world’s largest Agricultural Retailer, offering a full suite of products and services to support all your farming needs. From fertilizer, seed, and crop protection products to consulting services and applications, we have everything you require for a successful growing season. We understand that your success depends not only on excellent products but also on access to the right tools and expertise. That’s why Nutrien Ag Solutions is committed to delivering convenient access to best-in-class technology, tailored product solutions, and local expertise. We have licensed Pest Control Advisers and Certified Crop Advisers on our team, ready to provide you with innovative offerings, technologies, and agronomic support.

Partnering with Nutrien Ag Solutions also brings additional benefits:

Nutrien Financial: We offer customized financing solutions at competitive rates, ensuring you have peace of mind when it comes to securing the necessary inputs for your farming operation.

Loveland Products: As a part of Nutrien Ag Solutions, we provide access to high-performance input products, including crop protection, seed treatment, plant nutrition, biotechnology, and adjuvant products. You can trust our portfolio for quality and effectiveness.

Dyna-Gro Seed: Through our partnership with Dyna-Gro, we offer unrivaled access to a wide range of germplasms from leading suppliers. With extensive genetic diversity and precision placement, we can match the right seed to your farm and management practices.


To enhance your farming practices further, we offer our Precision Agri-lab services located in Madera, CA. This cutting-edge laboratory and technology center cater to the needs of the agriculture and horticulture industries, providing comprehensive analytical services for soil, plant, irrigation water, fertilizer, nematode, disease, and pesticide residual analysis. Our Crop Monitor Program and NutriScription® services take your precision agriculture to the next level with VRT, GPS/GIS mapping, and drone technologies.

At Nutrien Ag Solutions, we believe in transforming today’s vision of possibility into tomorrow’s profitability. Join us, and let us be your single ag resource, guiding you towards success in every stage of your farming journey.

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