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By Ben Laverty IV, Chief Operations Officer, California Safety Training Corporation 

In agriculture, we often hear about multi-generational farming operations, but it’s not often we hear about multi-generation farm safety operations.  California Safety Training Corporation (CSTC) is still family-owned and operated after 38 years.  The same passion for helping farmers protect their workforce has been ingrained into the CSTC culture for every employee.   

It all started with an opportunity to fill a need when local farmers said, “Ben, you speak Spanish, and you really care about people.  Please help us with our safety training.” Ben was at a turning point in his farming career, and he took off on the agricultural safety adventure!  Ben holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Environmental Safety and Health as well as a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Agronomy. He is a Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI), certified by the US EPA for Federal WPS training, a Lifetime Accredited Agricultural Appraiser, a Board-Certified Forensic Examiner, and a Certified Safety Professional. 

Ben developed the idea of Cross Compliance Training Programs. He is committed to corporate organization and direction and active in all phases of the company operations, including bilingual training, accident investigations, and expert witness testimonies.  A running joke at CSTC is who’s the “real” Ben Laverty, with Ben the Fourth often claiming, “That’s me, the real Ben Laverty”.   

Ben IV grew up playing sports and working in farming with his father, Ben III. After high school, he served a 2-year mission in Australia, attended Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Business in 1995. In 1999, Ben received his multiple-subject teaching credentials from the State of California and taught elementary school for six years. He has three daughters with his lovely wife, Kathy. Ben still loves to teach and enjoys sports, including hiking, swimming, climbing, surfing, and many other adventures with his family. 

Working full-time at California Safety Training Corporation since 2005, Ben’s focus is the establishment and optimization of day-to-day operations at CSTC, including strategic business planning and resource allocation, establishing operational processes, and quality control. Ben’s mission is to help people and companies work safely and efficiently, “Assist all people working and playing safely regardless of background, education, history or opportunities. Do all good things possible and do not harm.” He also performs safety training classes weekly, subject matter expertise in Fall Protection, program audits and safety inspections performed in agricultural, construction, and oilfield settings, and acts as an “Employer Representative” for a variety of clients in the Cal/OSHA appeals process. Ben’s younger sister, Terra, is a key piece of the CSTC team. 

Terra has grown up with CSTC. As soon as she was able to work, she jumped in. She started as the janitor and is now the Chief Financial Officer. Terra attended Cal State University, Bakersfield, and graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Business in 2000. 

Terra received her multiple-subject teaching credential from the State of California in 2001 and taught elementary school for 10 years. In 2009, Terra received her M.A. from California State University, Bakersfield. Terra thrives on using her education and skills of teaching in presenting classes and in curriculum development. Terra is now solely dedicated to CSTC and enjoys the dynamics of her many roles. 

Terra supports and oversees the accounting department, working to improve efficiency and quality in our programs and curriculum. She teaches many classes, including CPR/First Aid and Forklift Safety. In addition, Terra is intricately involved in representing our clients with OSHA and leading the charge in technology development.  

The next generation is also involved with the operations at CSTC and may be found helping with the work, especially in the technology realm.  The past years have seen CSTC develop specific software that helps us to be efficient and comprehensive in how we approach safety.  Our proprietary training materials, inspection programs, and documents distinguish us as a leader in the safety arena.  Thank you to all our clients who have supported us through the years. CSTC appreciates all of you for your trust in the last 38 years. 

Remember to be safe because life is precious. Safety is vital to the success of California’s $50 billion agricultural industry.  Kern County is the No. 1 agriculture-producing county in the nation. We grow more food here than anywhere else in the world.  When you buy local Kern County-grown produce, you are supporting our local workers. It takes people to grow food.  CSTC is dependable, authentic, compassionate, driven, and united to help you to protect your greatest asset – people. 

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