The King's Court event in Arvin, California
“The King’s Court” (Mike Lopez Photography)

By Geoffrey Taylor, MA, Hemp Contributor, Valley Ag Voice

Geoffrey Taylor
Geoffrey Taylor, MA, Valley Ag Voice hemp contributor.

It was a royal affair at the 420 Kingdom “The King’s Court” event hosted by the local cannabis industry operator as a way to celebrate a longstanding cannabis holiday known as 4/20 while working to benefit the City of Arvin and provide guests with a luxurious and relaxing environment to unwind and enjoy the evening’s offerings.

As much of Kern County is a wasteland in the cannabis industry, a beacon of hope shines from the fields of Arvin, showing that a thriving and vibrant commercial cannabis industry is one ordinance away in most localities. 420 Kingdom and its parent company Nature & Life Farms, are forging ahead in an industry that many local leaders would like to see remaining in the shadows of sketchy illegal dispensaries hidden in local strip malls and back alley cannabis sales that remain remnants of an unregulated past.

While the City of Arvin has been very progressive in their commercial cannabis ordinance and allowing for cannabis businesses to establish themselves in the community, 420 Kingdom, a cannabis cultivation, delivery dispensary and manufacturing company based in the city, recently held a massive celebration event to commemorate the 4/20 holiday while raising valuable funds to donate to the Arvin Parks and Recreation Department to benefit the Arvin baseball fields.

“The King’s Court” (Mike Lopez Photography)

“Events like this show that cannabis industry operators can be philanthropic and contributing members of the communities where they operate,” said Brett Hitchcock, a representative of cannabis brand Stick-E-Vape and cannabis industry veteran. “Working with companies like 420 Kingdom and seeing the impact they make on the community is an important part of establishing this industry as a part of the business and philanthropic communities where cannabis industry business owners and employees live and work.”

The event, called “The King’s Court,” was held in Arvin on April 20, 2021, next door to the company’s Arvin cannabis business facility and hosted over 400 guests over the course of the evening’s celebration. Vendors from across the industry were showcasing their products to attendees including leading brands such as Stiiizy, Kindly, Mohave Cannabis Co., Stick-E-Vape and others were offering samples, gear and other goodies to those in attendance. Attendees were treated to an evening of live music, entertainment and DJ’s, good company, superb bar service and mingling amongst Bakersfield and Kern County business and community leaders in attendance at the event.

“The King’s Court” (Mike Lopez Photography)

“As King’s Court comes to a close, the real work is now starting. The reason for all of this was for the local community and the kids, to give them a fun and safe park to enjoy and where we can see how our operations make a direct impact on the residents of Arvin,” said Jordan Thorn, Vice President of Retail at 420 Kingdom. “This community has welcomed us and opened their arms to our business. So, it’s our time and our turn to return the kindness that the community has shown us.”

Originally the event was scheduled to host a tour of the company’s large-scale cannabis cultivation facility, the tour had to be cancelled due to the large number of guests in attendance and the potential of contamination within the growing environment. While this aspect of the event was a curiosity for many attendees, the organization made the right choice in minimizing external contamination in a highly sanitary and highly sensitive indoor growing environment.

“The King’s Court” (Mike Lopez Photography)

The company rolled out the red carpet for a fancy, yet inviting, event that drew a large and diverse crowd, showing the transformation of the cannabis industry here in Kern County. From business suits to Vans and jeans, every segment was represented at the event where the burgeoning local cannabis industry combined with the philanthropic nature of our community. With all proceeds of the event benefiting a worthy cause in seeking to improve recreation facilities in the City of Arvin, 420 Kingdom wanted to set a different tone for this event by focusing on creating a fun, lighthearted atmosphere at the event that emphasized the positive outcomes of the funds collected at the event.

“It was an amazing event to show the generosity of the local cannabis community, the 420 Kingdom family and the community at large,” said Hitchcock. “Not only was it an entertaining and informative evening for people who are new to the industry or are seasoned veterans, but it was a chance for cannabis business to make a direct impact to support local parks and children’s sports while showcasing how their operation can give back within the community.”

Events like this one show that the cannabis industry can take a firm grounding in communities and act as a steward of the community in which they operate. 420 Kingdom made a point in this event to showcase the possibilities of a thriving, legal and licensed cannabis marketplace in our community and how industry operators can bring the fun and entertainment through events while also making a direct impact on the communities where they operate.

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