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By Colleen Taber, Administrator, Kern County Farm Bureau

Colleen Taber - Kern County Farm Bureau
Colleen Taber, Administrator, Kern County Farm Bureau

Advocacy comes in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s a simple conversation amongst friends and family about the facts as you drive down the 99 or the 5 chatting about what’s growing on the sides of the road or discussing where your dinner was grown and harvested. Other times, it’s a passionate discussion presenting views at a meeting with dignitaries or signing a letter challenging a belief or change.

This month has presented many opportunities for members of the Kern County Farm Bureau to “Take Action.” We are thankful to have a board that is working tirelessly to advocate and create opportunities for members to make a difference in agriculture through this advocacy. Our members have access to templates and networks creating a platform for this advocacy. 

What they say is true, “If you aren’t at the table, you’re on the table.” This is the prime reason we provide our members the opportunities to make a difference. Agriculture must be at the table, and we make it simple to get involved. Become a Kern County Farm Bureau member today! Call our office at (661) 397 9635 or join via our website at

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