By Valley Ag Voice Staff 

The Dairy Princess Program for District 6 — Kern, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties — was revived this year with the help of the Kern County Cattle Women Association. According to Pam Brunni, Kern member of CWA, the program had been a long-standing tradition hosted by the Kern County Dairymaids before it was disbanded in 2012.  

“I’ve been thinking about it for three to four years and asking several of the Ag groups I’m in, and finally got the Kern Chapter of CWA to help me take on the challenge,” Brunni said.  

The California Diary Princess Program has been in effect for several years under the California Milk Advisory Board. The program provides local young women with the opportunity to represent the dairy industry in their district and throughout the state.  

“Being a Dairy Princess is important because they will represent the local Dairy industry through presentations for classrooms of all ages, adult groups like Rotary, hand out awards at the fair, and attend various other Ag-related events throughout the three counties that make up CMAB’s District 6,” Brunni said. 

According to the CMAB, over the years the program has helped build a favorable public image for milk and dairy products and connects young female dairy leaders with an opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the industry.  

Dairy Princesses serve a one-year term where they represent the dairy industry in local and state events, providing an opportunity to develop their professional and communication skills. 

“I felt it was a shame that our local dairymen were no longer being represented in a way that they could be and missed opportunities for girls learning many skills by not being able to take part of this role and represent a strong local ag industry,” Brunni said. 

She explained that the program in Kern will pick up where it left off roughly 12 years ago. Dairy Princesses will attend mandatory training by CMAB in July to learn more about the industry, how to represent it, and how to carry themselves.  

The contest will be held on Saturday, May 4,  at the Kern Agricultural Pavilion.  

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