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By Rachel Nettleton, Executive Director, Kern County Farm Bureau 

As California’s agricultural heartland, Kern County plays a strong role in our nation’s food production and distribution. From sprawling fields of crops to bustling ports that ship California-grown products worldwide, the agricultural landscape of Kern County is a vital component of our state’s economy and sustenance. Whether you are directly involved in the production of food, foliage, or simply appreciate the bounty that graces your table, becoming a member of the Kern County Farm Bureau offers numerous benefits and opportunities to engage with and support this essential industry. 

KCFB serves as a cornerstone for agricultural advocacy, education, and community engagement. One of the primary advantages of having a membership with KCFB is the access it provides for individuals and businesses to have their voices heard. By joining KCFB, members become integral participants in shaping the future of our local farms and ranches.  

Education is another piece of our mission. Our members gain access to a wealth of resources, workshops, and training programs designed to enhance skills and knowledge for individuals as well as organizations. From best practices in farming techniques to navigating complex regulatory landscapes, KCFB equips our members with the tools they need to thrive in a dynamic agricultural environment. Additionally, educational outreach efforts extend to schools and our community to help create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the important role agriculture plays in our daily lives.  

Public policy advocacy plays a large role in the Farm Bureau’s activities as well. Through proactive engagement with policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels, KCFB advocates for policies that support the interests of Kern County’s agricultural community. Through this advocacy, members can influence legislation and regulatory decisions that directly impact their livelihoods. Whether it is advocating for water rights, labor policies, or other regulatory burdens, the Farm Bureau serves as a powerful voice for our agricultural industry. 

Membership through the Kern County Farm Bureau also opens doors to networking and collaboration opportunities. Through regular meetings, events, and gatherings, members have the chance to connect with fellow farmers, ranchers, industry experts, and stakeholders. These interactions foster a sense of camaraderie and solidarity within the agricultural community, paving the way for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and collective action.  

Becoming a member of the Kern County Farm Bureau offers a variety of benefits and opportunities for individuals and businesses. Whether you are a producer, a consumer, or simply someone who values the bounty of the land, membership with the Kern County Farm Bureau signifies a commitment to preserving and promoting the agricultural legacy of Kern County and beyond. To sign-up or to learn more, email kcfb@kerncfb.com.  

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