(Photo courtesy of Rachel Nettleton/KCFB)

By Rachel Nettleton, Executive Director, Kern County Farm Bureau 

The Kern County Farm Bureau recently celebrated a milestone with our 40th Annual Farm Day in the City event held at the Kern County Fair. This event has become a tradition in fostering agricultural education within our local community, dating back to the 1980s. From the beginning, this event started at one school with just a few students and has quickly expanded over time. Fast forward to this year, we welcomed 4,100 students from 22 school districts and 44 elementary schools, alongside 30 exhibitors. 

The atmosphere at the event was full of excitement as students and teachers immersed themselves in the world of agriculture. From livestock to machinery and safety demonstrations to sheep herding dogs, the event offered a comprehensive glimpse into the diverse areas of farming and ranching.  

One of the most significant aspects of Farm Day in the City is its ability to bridge the gap between urban communities and the agricultural industry. Many students have limited exposure to agriculture and may not fully grasp where their food comes from. Therefore, this event serves as an opportunity to showcase and explain various aspects of agriculture in ways that are accessible and engaging for young minds.  

For second to fourth-graders, understanding the journey of food from farm to table can be enlightening. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences, students gain a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our farmers and ranchers who play a vital role in feeding our communities.  

During the event, media outlets were present, capturing moments from Farm Day in the City. One moment occurred when a reporter asked a second grader if she had ever been to a farm. The young girl’s innocent response was, “Does Knott’s Berry Farm count?” This funny response underscored the disconnect that exists between our youth and the realities of agriculture. This is just one example that highlights the importance of events like Farm Day in the City in fostering greater awareness and understanding of agriculture.  

As Farm Day in the City celebrates four decades of success, it remains a shining example of the power of community collaboration and the impact of hands-on learning. Through continued support and participation, we can ensure that future generations are equipped with the knowledge and appreciation necessary to continue our agricultural heritage. 

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners at the Kern County Fair and our Gold Sponsors Grimmway Farms and Grimm Family Center for AGBS. Additionally, we acknowledge our silver sponsors at AC Foods, Bolthouse Farms, and Elk Grove Farming Company for their generous contributions toward nurturing agricultural education in our community. 

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