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By Colleen Taber
Administrator, Kern County Farm Bureau

Colleen Taber - Kern County Farm Bureau
Colleen Taber, Administrator, Kern County Farm Bureau

Despite the chaos in society, the role of the Kern County Farm Bureau has not wavered. We continue to support our members by providing employer checklists, training documents, employer signage, virtual meetings and webinars. We also provide access to local, state, and federal financial information.

Kern County farmers and ranchers have a list of challenges they battle regularly, and we have now added the pandemic to the list. They continue to face issues like AB617 and SGMA. These issues need local representation from our Kern ag community. Farm Bureau members are present on committees ensuring that working farmers and ranchers are represented at the table.

Education is important. I mentioned last month about the importance of outreach in education through scholarships, encouraging youth in agriculture. We are equally passionate about educating within our membership as well. 

We are fortunate to have the California Safety Training Corporation (CSTC) founder, Ben Laverty III, and his family as a Platinum Partner but also as members of our Board of Directors. CSTC has an informative blog documenting day to day concerns in the training realm as well as webinars for employers and employees. We also have Farm Employer Labor Service (FELS) to keep us updated and share information regularly in one a “one-stop-shop” format. 

One of our jobs here at the farm bureau is to share information, educating employers and employees so they are better equipped to face the issues. Please call our office at (661)397-9635 or send us an email at to learn more about becoming part of the Kern County Farm Bureau Family.

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