Friant-Kern water canal
The Friant-Kern Canal delivers water to more than one million acres of highly productive farmland and 250,000 residents in San Joaquin Valley. Subsidence in the area has caused parts of the 153-mile canal to sink. (Photo: Friant Water Authority)

Press Release Provided by State Water Contractors

On August 11th, the Governor announced a water supply plan to adapt to California’s hotter and drier weather, which focuses on the modernization of the state’s water infrastructure. With the state projected to lose 10% of its water supplies over the next 20 years, today’s plan outlines strategies to advance water infrastructure, expand water storage capacity, reduce water demand, and improve forecasting, data and management. Governor Newsom also named Antonio Villaraigosa to serve as a key Infrastructure Advisor for the state.

“The Governor’s strategy is a direct reflection of the urgent need to modernize and repair the state’s water infrastructure to ensure a more resilient water supply,” said Jennifer Pierre, General Manager of the State Water Contractors. “As we approach a fourth consecutive dry year and ongoing aridification, we must get serious about advancing projects like the Delta Conveyance Project to accommodate our changing hydrology, investing in subsidence repair and prioritizing conservation as a California way of life.”

The Governor’s plan builds on the $2.8 billion allocation in the 2022-23 budget for drought relief to hard-hit communities, water conservation, environmental protection for fish and wildlife and long-term resilience projects.

“Investments in improved forecasting and data management are also critical to achieving the Governor’s water supply strategies, making way for more flexible water management rooted in science and adaptive management. We look forward to working with the Governor, our state agency partners and local water agencies to advance climate resilient projects to secure California’s water future.”

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