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Harvey Holloway

A soil-first approach: That’s what Holloway Agriculture promises to farmers in the Central California Ag community.

H.M. Holloway was founded by Harvey Holloway in May 1932 after he discovered the benefits that gypsum could offer to farmers in the area. In the midst of the Great Depression, he leased 40 acres and built his mining operation with barely more than a pick and a shovel. When he decided to sell the soil amendment to local growers, their crop yields began to flourish. H.M. Holloway soon caught the attention of the California agriculture community.

Over the years, Harvey Holloway invested in more surface leases and eventually purchased over 2,200 acres. As the company has grown, the mission remained: to provide farmers with high-quality soil amendments and services that would improve soil health and optimize production. Today, Holloway encompasses multiple businesses known as the Holloway Group, which is trusted by more than 500 companies in a variety of industries.

Holloway Agriculture now offers various different types of soil amendments and nutrients to ensure that California growers can achieve the results they want from their land. From issues with pH levels, water retention and soil nutrition, there are several factors that can affect soil health. When local farmers face yield problems, they partner with Holloway’s certified agronomists for soil solutions that are backed by science. Their agronomists understand the problems that affect crop production in the San Joaquin Valley, and they take a sound and strategic approach to optimizing soil performance for every grower for decades to come.

Holloway’s soil-first approach starts with interviewing the grower, managers, and field workers to learn the history of the field. Holloway understands that no two fields are alike, and each one will require a customized amendment solution to thrive. Their agronomists collect soil, water, and tissue samples to get a baseline understanding of what environment the buyer is dealing with on his or her crop. These samples are then sent to an accredited lab for a complete analysis. Different types of soil will need a unique approach for optimal growth. The lab will identify deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and assess whether there are specific materials in the water that could be affecting yield.

With that lab data, Steve Lenander, Holloway’s Director of Agronomy, provides honest recommendations based on soil science and backed by more than 30 years of industry experience. Lenander is heavily involved in the agronomy process, ensuring each customer receives the right combination of soil amendments and nutrients to improve soil health. For customers with top-performing crops, Holloway agronomists have the knowledge to spot hidden deficiencies before they have a chance to negatively impact production. With weekly observations and recommendations, Holloway can help California farmers maintain a high level of production and maximize every dollar they put into the crop.

The company aims to go the extra mile with their Red Ribbon Service, a commitment that emphasizes their core values of:

Trust: Doing right by the customer, every time

Long-term Relationships: Creating relationships that last

Care: Putting the farmer, family, soil, farm and community first

Experience and Longevity: Working with generations of growers since 1932

Innovation: Continually evaluating new products and services to help growers

While there are other vendors out there, Holloway takes agronomy to the next level with its soil-first approach, providing recommendations based on science and nearly 90 years of experience – not sales quotas. Holloway’s name is built on innovative technology and honest business practices, with a focus on protecting each client’s bottom line. When local growers need help with amendments and nutrition for their soil, they know that Holloway has the right solution.

Holloway has been serving the soil needs of farmers throughout the valley since 1932, and their staff looks forward to supporting growers for decades to come. With the capability to help farmers from 20 acres to more than 20,000 acres, Holloway’s services are fully scalable to your operation. The company offers a variety of agronomy service packages to meet the diverse needs of local growers, regardless of their field size. Visit or contact your local Holloway representative today for pricing and your free customer quote.

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