The Magic of Water water tank

By Valley Ag Voice

Maybe you have seen the Magic, or should I say The Magic of Water. They appear to be mystical murals honoring our agriculture heritage and they have been showing up on water tanks for various water districts all over Kern County. They are a welcome site to many travelers on our local freeways, and they send a message about local water.

The Water Association of Kern County (WAKC) has been working on the wraps on the water tanks for many months. What start as a suggestion by incoming WAKC board chairman Gene Lundquist to install cutouts along local roadways to raise awareness to water issues, morphed into an idea to install the wraps on local water tanks. “The board decided to go with the idea of wraps almost immediately,” commented Gene Lundquist. Lundquist searched high and low for a catchy slogan and attributes is origin to an 82-year-old retired shop teacher Charles Hayes. Thus, the slogan The Magic of Water, or for those of you on social media #TheMagicofWater was born.

Each mural or wrap symbolizes a mythical character. Beth Pandol Executive Director of the WAKC proudly stated, “Its magical that we grow the nation’s food out of the Central Valley and our farmers work magic with very little water. I am amazed that our forefathers and water managers have created a network of water to make it all possible.”

Currently there are seven water tanks that have been decorated in Kern County. Costs vary for example, the large one on Highway 178 near Morning Drive had a price tag of nearly $30,000. Smaller wraps had a cost of $10,000 or $15,000. The artist that has developed all the magical pieces is named Danny Kundzinsh, and the WAKC has more art to put up!

Mr. Lundquist added, “The magic story will continue as time goes on and depending on the sites and funding… We have an energized board that meets once a month, and we are excited to see how much “Magic” we can stir up.”

For those interested in contributing to the effort of the WAKC or providing another great site you can go to or call Beth Pandol at 661-302-8171. Pandol adds, “If you want to memorialize someone, we will work with you on the artwork as long as it fits our theme, #TheMagicofWater.

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