farmer pulling carrots in field
(ARCHIVE: Photo by Grimmway Farms)

By Valley Ag Voice Staff 

Grimmway Farms, a leading global fresh produce company based in Bakersfield, announced its acquisition of Oxnard-based San Miguel Produce, Inc. in April. According to a press release, this acquisition signifies Grimmway’s strategic expansion efforts and its commitment to providing innovative product offerings to its customers. 

Integrating San Miguel Produce’s fresh-cut operation expertise and resources into Grimmway’s portfolio aims to enhance product offerings and better serve the evolving needs of retailers and food service providers. Jeff Huckaby, Present and CEO of Grimmway, explained that the acquisition opens numerous opportunities for the multi-million-dollar company. 

“This acquisition gives us the ability to leverage our combined strengths to seize new opportunities in the fresh-cut vegetable market, drive innovation, and further our mission to bring fresh, healthy, and safe produce to communities around the world,” Huckaby said in a press release. “We are well positioned to build on our many successes of 2023 and meet the ever-growing consumer demand in the industry.” 

Additionally, it will support Grimmway’s efforts to reduce food loss and waste by providing post-harvest options not previously available. According to the release, Grimmway plans to offer employment to the existing team at San Miguel and will continue to offer its portfolio of products at the Oxnard facility.  

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