valencia oranges
Photo: Adobe Stock / David Pereiras

By Melissa De Leon Chavez

Reprinted with permission from AndNowUKnow 

Kristina Lorusso, Regional Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies

The Golden State has seen more weather in previous months than in recent years combined, but days ahead are looking brighter. With them, appetites for fresh spring produce, including some sweet citrus.

“Overall citrus quality and demand are looking really good. California Valencia oranges will start in mid-May. This summer, we will supply Australian and Chilean oranges and lemons to North American customers. Our import citrus offerings perfectly complement our domestic program,” Kristina Lorusso, Regional Business Development Director for Giumarra Companies, summarized for me. “Obviously, we are exiting a very rainy last few months here in California. Despite that, we continue to grow our already comprehensive citrus program. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible quality and service we can with our year-round availability.”

Given the economy, Kristina pointed out consumers are more price-conscious this year, however, the company believes demand is steady and, hopefully, the market will see good movement this summer. Giumarra Companies is ready, with a plentiful supply of California Mandarin oranges available into mid-May, and promotable volume across several citrus categories overall.

We can custom pack them into our visually appealing Bright Bites™ brand bags and support a retailer’s in-store displays with customized merchandising materials, including signage,” Kristina explained.

This segues smoothly into what differentiates Giumarra Companies’ citrus program: a comprehensive, year-round offering that sources a variety of oranges and lemons from preferred growers from around the world.

“We pride ourselves on providing the best possible quality and service. As a company, we are able to utilize our creative marketing resources and apply them to citrus, helping retailers boost sales and generate excitement in the category,” Kristina assured me.

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