(Photo courtesy of Michael Martins/Mission Bank)

By Michael Martens, Ag Relationship Manager, Mission Bank 

Mike Martens knows the Central Valley — the stretch of Highway 99 that links Bakersfield to Fresno is as familiar as the back of his hand.  He’s driven that straightaway countless times over the last decade, whether it was for school, to see family, or to visit customers, there isn’t a field, orchard, pasture, or off-ramp he doesn’t recognize. 

“I went to high school in Bakersfield, college at Fresno State, and now with Mission Bank, I’m spending a lot of time everywhere in between meeting with my customers.  Some of the most interesting people I know live here on the valley floor and make the most of the land. Farmers are great people, and I’m lucky to be working with them.” 

Martens is a Relationship Manager in the Ag Division at Mission Bank, a husband, father of two, and an avid football fan.  He played football at Centennial High School in the suburbs of Bakersfield and took his talents to Fresno State, where he jokes that he majored in football and minored in Business Management. 

“Playing football was my main concern, but I hit the books hard too, and developed a healthy respect for math, business practices, and the importance of banking literacy. I learned that working in finance was really about the relationships you build with people, and it just made sense to follow that path after college.” 

Martens joined Mission Bank five years ago and learned everything he could about the Ag Division.  Working with farmers and working at Kern County’s only locally based business bank seemed like a perfect starting point for his career. 

“It felt right to join the team where community really mattered.  Mission Bank is out in force, supporting local non-profits and educational institutions.  We’re volunteering our time and making a difference because our customers are local, and we’re all working together to make our part of California a better place.” 

Martens works with a team of experts providing financial solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of agricultural operations and agribusiness. From Operating/Crop Lines of Credit to Equipment Loans, Cattle Loans, Ag Real Estate Loans, and Farmer Mac Loans, Mission Bank’s options are comprehensive, and Martens is here to help. 

“I feel lucky to be where I am, and I’m happy to make positive impacts. I married my high school sweetheart, played college football, have a daughter and a son, dogs, and I get to work with farmers.  When it comes to Kern County, I really have it all.” 

If you have questions about the Mission Bank Ag Division or would like more information on financial solutions specifically designed for agricultural operation and agribusiness, call (661) 859-2500 or visit www.Missionbank.bank. 

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