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Press Release Provided by the California Farm Bureau Federation

Tom Vilsack returns to the office he held from 2009-2017

Noting the considerable challenges facing farmers and ranchers, the California Farm Bureau welcomed the appointment of Tom Vilsack as the next U.S. secretary of agriculture. President-elect Joe Biden nominated Vilsack to return to the office he occupied from 2009-17.

“Given all the stresses placed on the food and agricultural system by the pandemic in particular, it will be good to have an experienced person resume administration of the Agriculture Department,” California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson said. “Tom Vilsack will be able immediately to guide USDA for the benefit of farmers, ranchers, rural residents and all the people who depend on our nation’s agricultural production.

“During his previous service, we worked frequently with Secretary Vilsack, so we know he recognizes the special importance of California farms and ranches to American agriculture, and to customers both in the U.S. and around the world,” Johansson said. “In his current role with the U.S. Dairy Export Council, he has concentrated on access for American farm goods in international markets, and we look forward to continuing that emphasis with him when he returns to USDA.”

Johansson said Farm Bureau would also work with the incoming agriculture secretary on climate policy.

“Farmers and ranchers should be viewed as assets in climate policy,” he said. “We will stress the need for incentive-based programs that allow farmers and ranchers the flexibility to maintain active stewardship of their land while producing food and farm products efficiently.”

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