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By Rachel Nettleton, Executive Director, Kern County Farm Bureau

In the heart of the valley, my journey as the new Executive Director of the Farm Bureau began with a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity. Stepping into this role, I embarked on a variety of experiences that have not only enriched my knowledge but have also deepened my connection with the incredible farmers, ranchers, and supporters who form the backbone of our community.

The past month has been a transformative period, filled with opportunities to learn and grow. One of the most remarkable parts of this journey is meeting the individuals who work tirelessly to feed our nation. These conversations have illuminated the challenges they face and the innovations our local farmers and ranchers employ to ensure the sustainability of our agricultural landscape.

Among the memorable events last month, our “Save Water, Drink Beer” event stands out as a resounding success. Laughter filled the air as farmers, supporters, and beer enthusiasts gathered to enjoy a night of fun, networking, and meaningful discussions.

As we look ahead, the anticipation for our largest event – The Bounty of Kern County – is soon approaching on Saturday, October 7. This event encapsulates the essence of community and agriculture, where attendees can connect with local farmers, and appreciate the heart and soul of the region’s agricultural endeavors. We extend an open invitation to all for this year’s Bounty. If you are interested in attending or becoming a sponsor, you can visit our website at kerncfb.com for more information.

The Kern County Farm Bureau is full of activity as we finalize our 2024 event calendar. While we are saving the finer details for a reveal in the fourth quarter, rest assured that the coming year will be filled with engaging events and initiatives that highlight the importance of our farming community.

I am full of anticipation for the exciting year ahead and believe that together, we’ll continue to cultivate Kern County’s legacy in agriculture for generations to come.

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