On Tuesday afternoon Valley Ag Voice staff discovered an interesting new development in the controversy surrounding the residency of Emilio Huerta.

“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?”

As KGET Channel 17 previously reported Delano City Councilman Joe Aguirre has alleged that Huerta a candidate for County Supervisor lives outside the 4th Supervisorial District. The allegation is that Huerta lives in the 3rd District represented by Mike Maggard, a seat that is not up for election until 2022.

In January, Aguirre filed a complaint in Superior court that Huerta should not be eligible to run and his name should be removed from the ballot.

Valley Ag Voice staff decided to pay a visit to the residence that Emilio Huerta claims he is registered to vote at in Delano, 911 Belmont Street.

First, as we were exiting the vehicle we noticed something unique, the surname on the post box outside the house wasn’t Huerta’s. The family name on the post box clearly read Los Delgado’s.

“Investigator.” “Investigator who?”

However, before the Valley Ag Voice staff could move towards the door we were greeted by two individuals walking up the street. We introduced ourselves and the two approaching individuals identified themselves to be investigators with the District Attorney’s Office. We disclosed we were there investigating the controversy over whether Emilio Huerta truly lived at 911 Belmont. “Us too!” was the response from the investigators.

The investigators kindly asked us to come back in a few minutes. We quickly left. We drove around the block and waited for the investigators to knock on the door of 911 Belmont and talk to neighbors. No one was home at 911 Belmont and the investigator left his card behind.

Clearly, this story is still developing and the question over where Emilio Huerta really lives isn’t going away.

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