Press Release by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation

On December 2nd, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) released a Mill Alternatives Concept Paper outlining initial options for the redesign of its primary funding source, the mill assessment. DPR’s mill assessment, which is a fee paid by pesticide dealers, brokers, and registrants when a pesticide is first sold into the marketplace in California, provides approximately 80 percent of the department’s annual funding and was last adjusted in 2004.

For the last eight years, DPR has been operating with a structural funding imbalance impacting its ability to advance its mission to protect human health and the environment and support the state’s transition to safer, more sustainable pest management. In 2021, the legislature allocated funds to conduct a mill assessment study to identify ways to give the department more sustainable, long-term funding and support and incentivize safer, sustainable pest management.

The Mill Alternatives Concept Paper is part of an independent study to identify options for the structure, sources and levels of funding necessary for the department to continue to fulfill its mission of protecting human health and the environment long-term.

The concept paper, informed by a broad range of stakeholder interviews and feedback, outlines considerations for the department’s funding structure. This includes the structure of the department’s mill assessment and different funding models, the use of mill funding across department programs and implementation considerations. DPR’s consultant, Crowe LLP, is requesting stakeholder feedback on the concept paper to inform its final recommendations for DPR’s funding design, expected in Spring 2023.

“A new funding design is vital to continuing our long-term, critical work to protect human health and the environment. It also is essential to our ability to support the transition to safer, more sustainable pest management across California,” said DPR director, Julie Henderson.

DPR’s consultant led a webinar on December 6, 2022, to discuss the concept paper and their approach to identifying potential mill assessment alternatives. Registration was not required. Attendees joined the Mill Study Webinar live on Zoom.

Feedback on the concept paper must be sent via email at by January 13, 2023. Comments received on the concept paper will inform the development of the Mill Assessment Study Draft Recommendations to be released in Spring 2023.

More information on the mill assessment study and the current mill assessment are available on DPR’s website.

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