John Deere tractors

By Valley Ag Voice Staff

Hosted by Kern Machinery at their museum of John Deere legacy equipment, John Deere’s corporate team rolled out some exciting new equipment choices and technology updates for Central Valley high value crop growers. Many of the updates included news on equipment, but the biggest news was about some of the technology being made available to farmers.

Deere’s 3D series was highlighted in that it has been revamped to be more usable on the farm. This simple, strong and reliable tractor starts with a 25-horsepower model with the 3025D. This tractor is easy to operate, easy to hitch and even the gas tank is easy to fill. The simple gear driven transmission makes it set up for towing and pulling capacity. Maintaining this tractor is even easier by having all of the parts and service support at your local dealer like Kern Machinery.

Deere’s features on the 4R series were on display as well. Decked out with features like cruise control for the tractor and load match driving, this tractor just got easier. The load match feature ensures that the power the tractor has is adjusted to match the weight of the load being pulled. 

Tractors we see more in the valley might be those similar to the 5 series, with the 5ML being ideal for your orchards and your 6RH being perfect for bedded crops. All in all, John Deere has truly improved on its impressive line of tractors to serve all tasks on the farm from planting to spraying and harvesting.

JD link which connects many of the Deere tractors to the cloud now comes standard as long as your tractor is JD link enabled. The JD Operations center has now become a premier cloud-based farm management software that can help growers become more efficient and profitable. Not only can tasks be assigned to workers for daily tasks but reports showing productivity can be generated. Fields can be mapped showing when a field wasn’t properly sprayed or over sprayed. All of these tools can help manage the day-to-day operations by enabling a grower to remotely verify and validate that activities.

While Deere realizes their tools are becoming the standard for the industry, they realize that they do not have all of the answers on the farm. They have strategic partners to ensure that the existing tech can communicate with the JD operations center and provide their customer with solutions on the farm.

One exciting partner John Deere highlighted is Smart Apply. Smart Apply’s technology digitally measures trees to ensure that the appropriate amount of product is applied during spraying. Smart Apply can link with the JD operations center so you can know if a spray nozzle is clogged or if a field isn’t getting enough spray coverage. Furthermore, the benefits have already to hit the bottom line for many of John Deere’s customers. Many farmers have seen an 87% decrease in airborne overspray and have seen reductions in overuse of product. For growers that have to spray multiple times, return on investment is being seen in weeks–not years–by implementing the Smart Apply technology in connection with the JD operations center. 

John Deere is delivering a better experience, better tractors, and better tools to make your job easier on the farm. Dealers like Kern Machinery can help valley farmers find a Deere to help improve operations, yield and the bottom line.

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