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Press Release provided by the California Department of Food and Agriculture

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is announcing vacancies on the Certified Farmers Market Advisory Committee (CFMAC).  

The CFMAC advises the CDFA Secretary on all matters pertaining to the Direct Marketing Program, including legislation, regulations, enforcement, and administrative policies and procedures pertaining to the direct marketing of California-grown agricultural products at Certified Farmers’ Markets (CFMs). California currently has more than 2,700 certified agricultural producers participating in approximately 650 CFMs within the state.  

Current CFMAC vacancies include producer or representative of agricultural organization that represents producers; alternate producer or organization that represents producers; alternate CFM operator or representative of operator; and county agricultural commissioner alternate. 

The term of office for committee members is two years. While members do not receive compensation, they are entitled to payment of necessary traveling expenses in accordance with the rules of the California Department of Human Resources. 

Individuals interested in being considered for an appointment should complete the Prospective Member Appointment Questionnaire (PMAQ) available at and obtain a letter of recommendation from an industry member. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.  

Applications should be sent to Sarah Cardoni, CDFA Inspection and Compliance Branch, 1220 ‘N’ Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, or via email to 

For further information regarding the Direct Marketing Program and CFMAC vacancies, please contact Jennifer Leidolf at

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