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Salt lick on the water barrel, the cow enjoys this special treat

The Cattleman’s Corner: Sometimes It Takes Unconventional

By Austin SneddenRanching Contributor, Valley Ag Voice When you are forty miles from town and a sixty-year-old galvanized tank is leaking water...
LOL acronym

The Cattleman’s Corner: Acronym Overload

By Austin Snedden, Contributor, Valley Ag Voice Eventually we may see the day when we only communicate in acronyms. Oil industry guys...
livestock cows and bulls

The Cattleman’s Corner: There Aren’t Enough Hands For Your Style of Cowboyin’

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice Have you ever worked cows with someone that has only worked with big crews? They dive...
old farming trailer

The Cattleman’s Corner Trailer Lights, Tape Measures, and Other Mysterious Things

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice There are certain things in life with just no explanation. Sure, humanity has tackled some big...
Cattlemans corner Austin Snedden

The Cattleman’s Corner: Should Economic Contraction Mean Government Contraction?

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice In the private sector, income and growth generally correspond with each other. However, in government, economic...

The Cattleman’s Corner Balancing Reputation and Responsibility

By Austin Snedden Contributor, Valley Ag Voice We have all heard references that you can judge a person by their friends or whom...
R-CALF dinner

The Cattleman’s Corner: R-CALF CEO Discusses the “Beef” with Dysfunctional Cattle Markets

By Austin Snedden Contributor, Valley Ag Voice On Tuesday, February 4th, the Kern County Cattlemen’s Association (KCCA) president, Carl Twisselman, welcomed 90 members...
black angus cattle on ranch

The Cattleman’s Corner: Selecting Cattle to Fit Economics

By Austin Snedden Contributor, Valley Ag Voice For the last 50 years in the cattle industry, various traits have been emphasized and de-emphasized,...

The Cattleman’s Corner: Are Meatheads Smarter Than Meat Producers?

By Austin Snedden We may all have different opinions on unions, but we can definitely agree that some are more effective than...
farming tools barbed wire bailing twine

The Cattleman’s Corner: Barbed Wire and Bailing Twine

A cattle rancher’s day-to-day tasks run the gamut of job descriptions, a cattle rancher’s truck reflects those multitude of duties that may need to be undertaken. A rancher’s pickup truck is a masterpiece of functional chaos. From plumbing to fence repair, from mechanics to office work, my truck has it.

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