Saturday, January 16, 2021
Close up of a couple of cattle on a Mexican farm

USCA Sends Letter Over Concerns with Mexican Beef

Press Release Provided by US Cattlemen’s Association On September 8th, the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) sent a letter to leaders at...
Salt lick on the water barrel, the cow enjoys this special treat

The Cattleman’s Corner: Sometimes It Takes Unconventional

By Austin SneddenRanching Contributor, Valley Ag Voice When you are forty miles from town and a sixty-year-old galvanized tank is leaking water...

USCA, NFU, and Others Request Hearing on Livestock Reporting Rule

Press Release Provided by the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association On Wednesday July 1st, the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA), National Farmers Union (NFU),...
livestock cows and bulls

The Cattleman’s Corner: There Aren’t Enough Hands For Your Style of Cowboyin’

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice Have you ever worked cows with someone that has only worked with big crews? They dive...
old farming trailer

The Cattleman’s Corner Trailer Lights, Tape Measures, and Other Mysterious Things

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice There are certain things in life with just no explanation. Sure, humanity has tackled some big...
butcher carving beef

Justice Department Issues Subpoenas to “Big Four”

Press Release provided by the US Cattlemen’s Association On Friday, the Department of Justice issued civil subpoenas to the four biggest beef...
Cattle at auction

Animal Extremist Group Files Petitions with U.S. Surgeon General and President Trump to Close...

Reprinted with permission from Protect The Harvest The COVID-19 pandemic has brought worldwide turmoil and a broad spectrum of problems, from the...
Farmer in a livestock small breeding husbandry farming production taking care of cattle

Ranch Group Urges Secretary to Target Hardest Hit Producers

Press Release Provided by the California Farm Bureau Federation In a letter sent on April 9th to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, R-CALF...
Beefmaster cattle grazing in a green field. (Photo by Cameron Watson /

USCA Statement on Efforts to Restore U.S. Cattle Markets

Press release provided by the US Cattlemen’s Association Following Congressional efforts to provide immediate, short-term relief for U.S. cattle producers during these...

The Cattleman’s Corner Balancing Reputation and Responsibility

By Austin Snedden Contributor, Valley Ag Voice We have all heard references that you can judge a person by their friends or whom...

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