Thursday, August 13, 2020
butcher carving beef

Justice Department Issues Subpoenas to “Big Four”

Press Release provided by the US Cattlemen’s Association On Friday, the Department of Justice issued civil...

The Cattleman’s Corner: Give Me Back My Words

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice We know language is always...
Cattle at auction

Animal Extremist Group Files Petitions with U.S. Surgeon General and President Trump to Close...

Reprinted with permission from Protect The Harvest The COVID-19 pandemic has brought worldwide turmoil and a...
Farmer in a livestock small breeding husbandry farming production taking care of cattle

Ranch Group Urges Secretary to Target Hardest Hit Producers

Press Release Provided by the California Farm Bureau Federation In a letter sent on April 9th...
Herd of purebred Saanen and Nubian goats in a dairy barn. (Photo by WilleeCole Photography /

Local Feed Stores and Livestock Auctions Surviving COVID-19

By Audrey HillStudent at Cal Poly Like the rest of the world, COVID-19 has no doubt...
Beefmaster cattle grazing in a green field. (Photo by Cameron Watson /

USCA Statement on Efforts to Restore U.S. Cattle Markets

Press release provided by the US Cattlemen’s Association Following Congressional efforts...

The Cattleman’s Corner Balancing Reputation and Responsibility

By Austin Snedden Contributor, Valley Ag Voice We have all heard references that you can judge a...
R-CALF dinner

The Cattleman’s Corner: R-CALF CEO Discusses the “Beef” with Dysfunctional Cattle Markets

By Austin Snedden Contributor, Valley Ag Voice On Tuesday, February 4th, the Kern County Cattlemen’s Association (KCCA)...
black angus cattle on ranch

The Cattleman’s Corner: Selecting Cattle to Fit Economics

By Austin Snedden Contributor, Valley Ag Voice For the last 50 years in the cattle industry, various...

The Cattleman’s Corner: Pay Attention To Whose Tail You Are Following

By Austin Snedden I have always figured the best way to...

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