Friday, October 30, 2020
Close up of a couple of cattle on a Mexican farm

USCA Sends Letter Over Concerns with Mexican Beef

Press Release Provided by US Cattlemen’s Association On September 8th, the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA)...
Citrus fruits orange lemon grapefruit mandarin lime

California Citrus Mutual Commends Actions Regarding Seasonal and Perishable Products

Press Release Provided by California Citrus Mutual California Citrus Mutual commends the Office of the U.S....
A large number of cannabis flowers

CDFA Launches Cannabis Industry Education and Outreach Campaign

Press Release Provided by the CDFA On September 2nd the California Department of Food and Agriculture...
raging wildfire

Farm Bureau Coalition Urges Support for Federal Wildfire Bill

Press Release Provided by the California Farm Bureau Federation With wildfires roaring through the western United...
Portrait of successful international team of farmers wearing medical face masks to prevent COVID 19 infection posing near boxes with freshly picked zucchini during harvest.

Joint Statement from Western Hemisphere Agriculture Leaders

Press Release Provided by the United States Department of Agriculture Following the virtual G-20 Agriculture and...
Agriculture technology farmer man using tablet computer analysis data and visual icon.

USDA Seeks Input on Ready-to-Go Technologies and Practices for Agriculture Innovation Agenda

Press Release Provided by the United States Department of Agriculture To further the United States Department...
county fair

COMMENTARY: California Must Enhance Investment in Local Fairs

By Kevin CannSupervisor - District IV,,Mariposa County Board of Supervisors Reprinted with Permission from the California...
Salt lick on the water barrel, the cow enjoys this special treat

The Cattleman’s Corner: Sometimes It Takes Unconventional

By Austin SneddenRanching Contributor, Valley Ag Voice When you are forty...
los angeles pollution

Where’s the Clear Air?

By Marcia Wolfe, Biology/Ecology Contributor, Valley Ag Voice My eyes feel dry. Every morning I have...
vintage carrot postcard

Carrots Put Kern on the Map

By Mike McCoy, Executive Director, Kern County Museum I was on...

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