Monday, July 26, 2021
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KCFB President’s Message: Givers and Takers

By John Moore, President, Kern County Farm Bureau In Life There Are Givers By nature, farmers and ranchers are Givers. Farmers and ranchers...
Kern County potato farm

KCFB: Executive Director’s Report

By Romeo Agbalog, Executive Director, Kern County Farm Bureau Kern County… the most important county in the nation. That may sound a...
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Young Farmers & Ranchers

By Allie Cushnyr, Chair, Kern County Young Farmers & Ranchers IT’S BACK!!! The Kern County Young Farmers and Ranchers Annual Charity Farmer’s...
“Champion Basquaerie Marsous, Great Pyrénées” (Edwin Megargee)

Man’s Best Friend…On the Farm

By Mike McCoy, Executive Director, Kern County Museum  Mike McCoy Executive Director, Kern County Museum Anyone who has owned a country house or lived...
Friant-Kern Canal in California

California Water Management Problem

By Jenifer VanAlstein, Feature Contributor, Valley Ag Voice California is in yet another tough water year. It seems as though we are...
irrigation pond

Statement From Friant Water Authority on 2021 Drought Operations

Reprinted with Permission from Friant Water Authority Recent actions by the State Water Resources Control Board, Bureau of Reclamation, and California Department...
longhorn cattle

The Cattleman’s Corner: One Man’s Trash

By Austin SneddenRanching Contributor, Valley Ag Voice My grandfather would say in reference to the challenging short grass country that our family...
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Senate Bill 419 Puts Central Valley Workers Out of Work

By Robert Acosta, PCL Construction California’s Central Valley has some of the highest unemployment rates in the state and it’s the reason...
This state-licensed indoor cannabis cultivation facility utilizes energy efficiency LED lighting and produces plants in soil as a growing medium

Indoor Cannabis Production a Growing Trend Throughout Central Valley

By Geoffrey Taylor, MA, Hemp Contributor, Valley Ag Voice Up and down the Central Valley, indoor cannabis cultivation is reigning supreme in...

State Releases its First Reviews of Local SGMA Plans

By Christine Souza, Assistant Editor, Ag Alert Reprinted with Permission from California Farm Bureau Federation Christine Souza Assistant Editor, Ag Alert Against the backdrop of...

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