Friday, October 30, 2020
Researchers working in a hemp field

Streamlining Efficiency in Hemp Harvest with New Approaches, Technologies

By Geoffrey Taylor, MAHemp Contributor, Valley Ag Voice With the end...
Laverty Family

Agriculture is a Family Passion for the Lavertys

By Audrey Hill, Contributor, Valley Ag Voice For those of us...
Harvesting corn in autumn Aerial skyline shot

President’s Message: The Heat of Harvest

By John Moore, President, Kern County Farm Bureau Harvesting can be...
girl feeds a horse sitting outdoors in the tall grass

Young Farmers & Ranchers

By Lindsey Mebane, President, Kern County Young Farmers & Ranchers Fall...

The Green Invaders

By Marcia Wolfe, Contributor, Valley Ag Voice Some years ago, I...
cotton field

Pandemic Magnifies 2020 Cotton Concerns

Southern California Regional Quarantine Lifted By Christine SouzaAssistant Editor, Ag Alert Reprinted with...
marijuana plant

Increased Emphasis on ESG for Ethical Operations Leading Hemp and Cannabis Industries

By Geoffrey Taylor, MA Across California’s vibrant hemp and cannabis marketplaces, producers are touting the benefits...
edible schoolyard

Edible Schoolyard Kern County Enchants, Educates Students Through Farm-to-Fork Learning

By Geoffrey Taylor, MA In a deeply agricultural region like Kern County, there is a distinctive...
old farming trailer

The Cattleman’s Corner Trailer Lights, Tape Measures, and Other Mysterious Things

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice There are certain things in...
person voting

COMMENTARY: Don’t be Fooled by Ballot Measure on ‘Split-roll’ Tax

Robert SpiegelPolicy Advocate, Ag Alert Reprinted with permission from the California Farm Bureau Federation 

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