Saturday, January 23, 2021
Christmas decorations and cross

True Wisdom in the Christmas Story

By Sandy Mittelsteadt, Faith Contributor, Valley Ag Voice My husband and I have been reading the Book of Proverbs and this book...
irrigation outlet tower

Reclaimed Oilfield Water Working to Benefit Kern Ag

By Audrey Hill, Feature Contributor, Valley Ag Voice As water stress and scarcity here in California rises, finding financially sustainable ways to...
All States Ag Parts salvage yard in McFarland, California

Online Sales Drive Success at All States Ag Parts

By Sabrina Ziegler, Contributor, Valley Ag Voice While businesses have had to either adapt or face the threat of closing their doors...
Friant-Kern Canal

KCFB President’s Message: Where We Go From Here

By John Moore, President, Kern County Farm Bureau Hopefully by the time this article is printed in the next edition of the...
Kern County Farm Bureau Farm Day in the City event

Administrator’s Report: Hindsight is 2020, A Year in Review

By Colleen Taber, Administrator, Kern County Farm Bureau The Kern County Farm Bureau kicked off 2020 with our annual Spray Safe event,...
Peacock Dairy advertisement

Early Days of Kern County Dairy Production

By Mike McCoy, Executive Director, Kern County Museum Mike McCoy Executive Director, Kern County Museum I was nosing around in the museum’s archives the...
American flag

The Cattleman’s Corner OPINION: For Good or Bad, All Politics Are Local

By Austin Snedden, Ranching Contributor, Valley Ag Voice Could three city commissioners in Philadelphia decide whether a farmer in California’s Central Valley...
Grimmway Charter School

Adam Alvidrez Joins Grimmway Academy Team

Press Release Provided by Grimmway School Grimmway Schools is proud to announce an addition of a leadership team member to its organization,...
page from bible

“For Such a Time As This” Were You Born

By Sandy MittelsteadtFaith Contributor, Valley Ag Voice You have probably heard this phase before, but do you know the context and what...

Facility Maintenance Mechanic

Position Summary Reporting to the Director of Ag Operations, the Crop Manager will be responsible to represent the company in the primary...

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