Thursday, August 13, 2020
farmer pulling carrots in field

Grimmway Recognizes Students Through Annual Scholarship Program

Press Release Provided by Grimmway Farms Grimmway Farms is proud to award 64 college scholarships to...
teacher and students with face masks in class

What Will the Fall School Year Look Like?

By Elizabeth VaughnCopy Editor, Valley Ag Voice On July 17th Governor Newsom and the California Department...
animals disembarking ark

Sheltering in Place From a Biblical Perspective

By Sandy MittelsteadtContributor, Valley Ag Voice From Snakes to Dragons Be of good...
backhoe digging irrigation canal on farm

Area of Continual Excavation Ticket Process for Farmers

Tony MarinoExecutive Officer, California Dig Safe Board Excavation work, which includes agricultural activities, has required a...
Kern County Fair 2019

State Rules Have Tied the Fiscal Hands of the Kern County Fair Even Tighter

By Valley Ag Voice Staff Recently, attention on the Kern County Fair has increased with the...
edible schoolyard

Edible Schoolyard Kern County Enchants, Educates Students Through Farm-to-Fork Learning

By Geoffrey Taylor, MA In a deeply agricultural region like Kern County, there is a distinctive...
Kern Island Canal headgate

Colonel Baker: The Engineer Who Tamed the Valley

By Mike McCoyExecutive Director, Kern County Museum Mike McCoy Executive Director, Kern County Museum
old farming trailer

The Cattleman’s Corner Trailer Lights, Tape Measures, and Other Mysterious Things

By Austin SneddenContributor, Valley Ag Voice There are certain things in...
Kern River

Kern River

Marcia WolfeContributor, Valley Ag Voice What do you think of when...
Snake and apple

Monsters in the Bible

By Sandy MittelsteadtContributor, Valley Ag Voice From Snakes to Dragons Many stories have...

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