Jami Beck

Press Release Provided by California Farm Bureau Federation

A second-grade teacher in Tulare County has been honored with the “Outstanding Educator of the Year” award presented by the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

Jami Beck received the award today in honor of her creation of an agricultural literacy project at Three Rivers Elementary School in rural Tulare County.

Beck combined a school produce garden with multicultural agricultural readings and “Try it Tuesday” classroom tastings of California farm products.

“I feel it is important for students to understand agriculture because they need to know where their food comes from,” Beck said. “They need to know that all kinds of people are involved in agriculture. They need to know about the different jobs that are available in agriculture. Most importantly, they need to know that we have to keep growing food. California is extremely important because we grow food to feed the world.” Prior to earning the honor, Beck received a 2021 Literacy for Life Grant from the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

“We are excited to recognize Jami for her many years of dedication to include agriculture in her classroom,” said Judy Culbertson, the foundation’s executive director.

“Her excitement about agriculture is contagious and her passion is inspiring. Jami is a great advocate for our programs, and we are thrilled to support her in her agricultural literacy efforts.”

The CFAITC funding helped pay for Beck’s classroom materials, including agriculture-themed books for schoolchildren. Students also learned about agricultural science and how to write about food coming from the farm.

“We want students to be contributing members of society, and what better way is there than helping through agriculture?” Beck said.

The Outstanding Educator of the Year award was presented in Orange County at the 103rd Annual Meeting of the California Farm Bureau.

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