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Press Release Provided by the California
Farm Bureau Federation

People can be assured farmers and ranchers are continuing to ship food and farm products to market as the state and nation react to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. California Farm Bureau Federation President Jamie Johansson said farmers and ranchers, their employees and people throughout the supply chain are dedicated to maintaining plentiful supplies of safe food.

“It’s in challenging times like these when farmers’ and ranchers’ true passion shines: feeding and contributing to the stability of our local communities, state and country,” Johansson said. “In fields, orchards, processing plants and down the line to farmers markets and grocery stores, California agriculture remains on the job.”

Johansson said Farm Bureau has been working with its members and other agricultural employers to make sure they’re aware of the latest guidelines from health officials and government agencies.

“We may need to adjust on-farm practices to account for social distancing and other measures to further assure the safety of our employees,” he said. “Farm Bureau members from north to south have been proactive in adjusting daily activities to keep themselves and their employees safe.”

Farm Bureau will also work with local, state and federal government agencies to assure availability of the human and physical resources needed to maintain plentiful food supplies, Johansson said.

“Through drought, freeze, world war and the trauma of 9/11, farmers and ranchers and people throughout the food chain have kept Americans supplied with safe, affordable food and farm products,” he said. “That same ethic will drive us in the days and weeks to come.”

CFBF offices in Sacramento have closed in compliance with the stay-at-home protocol announced Tuesday by Sacramento County authorities.

“Keeping up with daily announcements and directives from all levels of governments so our members can remain focused on their farms and ranches has been all-consuming,” Johansson said. “CFBF employees will continue to work from their homes to provide services to county Farm Bureaus and our members, and we know each county Farm Bureau will also do what they can to work for their members.”

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