Bowl of carrot and celery sticks on wooden background By Denis Tabler
Bowl of carrot and celery sticks on wooden background. Photo By Denis Tabler / Shutterstock

Press Release Provided by Grimmway Farms

Cal-Organic Farms, the largest producer of organic vegetables in the US, is now shipping organic red bunch carrots and celery from Coachella, CA. A division of Grimmway Farms, Cal-Organic is offering its exclusive red bunch carrots for a limited time and supplies are expected to last through the Easter holiday. Additionally, they expect to ship seasonal celery through the end of this month.

“Outstanding sweet flavor is what makes our red carrot variety truly unique. These specialty carrots feature vibrant red color through the root and make for beautiful plate presentation,” said Bob Borda, Vice President of Organic Sales at Grimmway Farms.

The company is offering California-grown organic red bunch carrots in 12 and 24-count cases with green tops intact. Red carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A and contribute to a balanced diet. Favored by shoppers for their colorful appearance, these ruby-colored roots are among the dozens of fresh carrot products available from Grimmway and Cal-Organic Farms.

“Celery quality looks great as well, with bright green color and firm, crisp texture,” added Borda. Cal-Organic offers their premium celery in 24, 30, 36, and 48-count cases with bib ties or packed in sleeves. They also sell 2-count celery hearts packed in sleeves, available in 18-count cases. Low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals, celery is a good source of vitamin K, vitamin A and folate.

Cal-Organic’s seasonal red carrot and celery programs are integrated with their year-round vegetable program and Grimmway’s category-leading carrot business, combining quality and convenience for customers. Cal-Organic also offers robust merchandising support and custom recipe content to help promote seasonal and year-round items. For more information, call Cal-Organic Sales at 661-845-3758 or reach out to your sales representative.

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