Friant-Kern Canal (East Visalia). (Photo: VISALIA2010 / Wikipedia)

By Valley Ag Voice Staff 

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation updated its initial 2024 water supply allocation for Central Valley Project contractors because of improved hydrological conditions. Storms occurring in mid-to-late Feb. significantly enhanced the water supply outlook, mainly for Northern California. 

In a press release from the Bureau, Karl Stock, California-Great Basin Regional Director, explained that they are satisfied with the improved hydrology and increased water supply allocations for Northern California, but contractors South-of-Delta will continue to experience limited supply. 

To address water management challenges, the Bureau will reserve roughly 83,000 acre-feet in San Luis Reservoir to serve as a drought reserve pool — the reserve is not factored into the 2024 water supply allocation. An additional 185,000 acre-feet was rescheduled from the 2023 water year and stored in San Luis Reservoir, but it is also not included in this year’s allocation. 

Adjustments to CVP water supply allocations include: 


Irrigation water service and repayment contractors will receive 100% of their contract total, up from the initial 75%. 


Irrigation water service and repayment contractors — including Cross Valley Contractors — will increase to 35% from the initial 15%. Municipal and industrial contractors will not receive 75% of historical use or public health and safety needs, whichever is greater. This new allotment is up from the initial 65%.  


Class 1 contractors will receive 65%, up from the initial 60%, but Class 2 allocations remain at 0%. Class 2 contractors describe irrigation and groundwater recharge users.  

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