livestock identification

Press Release provided by California Department of Food and Agriculture

CDFA’s Bureau of Livestock Identification (BLI) will lower inspection fees by 10 cents per head beginning on July 1. The Bureau’s advisory board and CDFA Secretary Karen Ross made the determination due to a budget surplus in the program that developed after the BLI moved to mobile applications that lessened the amount of time spent on paperwork. 

The BLI, which is California’s brand registration and inspection program protecting cattle owners against the loss of animals, is financed entirely through fees.

“We are pleased to be able to lower fees and as a result leave our livestock producers with a little more money for their operations,” said Secretary Ross. “We commit to regular reviews of fee structures in all of our programs and will make adjustments when necessary and/or warranted. I want to thank our Bureau of Livestock ID for an outstanding job in keeping expenses to a minimum.”

The BLI has 44 inspectors and inspected 3.56 million head of cattle in 2019-2020.

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