Grimmway Charter School
Initial rendering of the campus for Grimmway Academy Shafter. (PRNewsfoto/Grimmway Schools)

Press Release Provided by Grimmway School

Adam Alvidrez
Adam Alvidrez joins Grimmway Schools Charter Management Organization

Grimmway Schools is proud to announce an addition of a leadership team member to its organization, Adam Alvidrez. Adam joins the Grimmway Schools Charter Management Organization in helping it to fulfill its mission of closing the achievement gap for students in the rural areas of Kern County by creating an environment for student excellence and well-being. A native of the Shafter, Alvidrez brings nearly 20 years of public-private partnerships aimed at helping local communities prosper. For over a decade Adam helped Chevron build and expand educational partnerships throughout the region. Most notably, Adam helped to enhance project-based learning opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), benefiting hundreds of teachers and thousands of students throughout the Central Valley. His passion to make a positive impact in education will help the Grimmway Academies of Arvin and Shafter in their pursuit of preparing students for college, career, and life-long learning.

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