Press Release Provided by Water Association of Kern County

Award-winning Journalist and Author, Mark Arax

The Water Association of Kern County will host the fifth Kern County Water Summit on May 25th, and this year we are going virtual. We are featuring a morning full of discussion about California’s most critical water issues that impact urban, agricultural, and industrial sectors. The event is designed for all community leaders, business owners, farmers, and government officials who need to know how important water is to growth and sustainability and what challenges are faced by water managers in securing and managing water supplies for California.

Keynote speaker for the event will be Mark Arax, Award Winning Journalist and Author of ‘The Dreamt Land; Chasing Water and Dust Across California’

Conference Schedule:

Welcome & the Importance of Water Conservation

Biden Administration update on Federal Water

• Camille Touton, Deputy Commissioner Bureau of Reclamation

SGMA review: Where are we?

• Steven Springhorn, Acting Deputy Director Groundwater Management Department of Water Resources

Water Rights: views regarding the recent report “Effective Water Rights Response to Climate Change”

• Joaquin Esquivel, Chair State Water Resources Control Board

• Valerie Kincaid, Water Law Attorney

History of Water in the West: overview of the recent book, water rights and it’s role in the Central Valley

• Mark Arax, Award Winning Journalist & Author

The event will be from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. virtually. Cost to attend is $75 for WAKC members and $100 for non-members.

Tickets available online at

The Water Association of Kern County is a non-profit organization, designed to educate and inform Kern County citizens about water issues and events. Members consist of local water districts, agencies and affiliated groups and individuals. More information may be found at

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